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MANUSAVI Pension Scheme

Manusavi Pension Scheme for Migrant Workers


The Manusavi pension scheme, introduced by the SLBFE, is a significant initiative aimed at providing social security and financial support to Sri Lankan migrant workers upon their return to the country. The scheme focuses on addressing the long-term welfare needs of these workers who have contributed to the economic development of Sri Lanka through their employment abroad.


This pension scheme introduced jointly by the Sri Lanka Social Security Board and the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. The “Manusavi” pension scheme is being implemented for the expatriate workers between the ages of 18 and 59 for those who are registered with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.


Benefits of this pension scheme;

  • Lifetime Monthly pension after the age of 60 years
  • Pension to the spouse
  • Retirement gratuity
  • Entitlement for the permanent partial disability benefits
  • Permanent complete disability benefits
  • Death gratuity

Note: Members applying for membership on premium basis for a period of 2, 3 or 4 years will be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits and permanent partial disability benefits and permanent total disability benefits only after paying the due premiums within the agreed period.


Membership could be obtained from the following places;

  • Head Office of the SLBFE
  • District Offices of SLBFE
  • Airport Branches of SLBFE
  • Head Office, Sri Lanka Social Security Board
  • District Offices of the Sri Lanka Social Security Board


Details of the Bank Account for the Payments of the Premium

  • Name of the Account –            Sri Lanka Social security Board
  • Name of the Bank –                 People’s Bank
  • Branch Name –                         Nugegoda
  • Account Number –                  174402140350212
  • SWIFT Code  –                         PSBKLKLX023

Sahana Housing Project for Disabled Migrant workers

SLBFE donates a house worth Rs.10,00,000.00 to the permanently disable migrant worker who loose his/her earning capacity over 65% while working in the working place.


The worker should have a land on his / her own. If the cost estimation of house is exceed over 5lks that should bear by the worker. The disability should be occurred due to accidental injury not by serious illness. The house plan and the cost estimation is prepared by National Housing Authority.

Daru Diri Island wide contest

The SLBFE organize the above event annually to give the due recognition to the Migrant population and to develop skills of school going children of migrant workers in the field of Singing, Dancing and Essay writing and oratorical contents, Drawing of Art. The Welfare division conducts this programme in District level, Provincial level and National level.


Common criteria-

  • Their parent should have been registered with bureau within 5 years from calling date of application.
  • The eligible applicant should forward an application which is published on days in the news papers and the SLBFE web site

Scholarships for the Children of Migrant Workers

The SLBFE annually awards Scholarships to the children of Sri Lankan employees   those who got registered with the Bureau as follows.


 Description Amount
Those who qualify for the year 5 scholarship Rs. 20,000.00
Those who qualify for the G.C.E. Advanced Level  Examination Rs. 25,000.00
Those who qualify for higher studies in Universities and the State Technical College Rs. 35,000.00


The selection criteria for each levels is as follows,


  • Common selection criteria-Their parent should have been registered with bureau within 3 year from calling date of application.
  • The eligible applicant should forward an application on line and this is published in the newspapers and the SLBFE web site.
  • 5th standard scholarship-The eligible applicant should have got minimum pass marks declared by the S.L. Examination Department for each district.
  • G.C.E.(O/L) – The eligible applicant should have passed G.C.E.(O/L) Examination in Sri Lanka with  3 credits  for language ,English and Mathematics.
  • G.C.E.(A/L) – The eligible applicant should have passed G.C.E.(A/L) Examination in Sri Lanka and should study in  a national university in the first year.

Other services provided by SLBFE

Child protection programme/Child day care centers


The SLBFE organizes   awareness programme on child protection with the assistance of relevant officers of government body to the children of migrant workers. Through this programme it is identify the children who need special attention and assist them in financial, Health, School instrument and etc.


Establishment of daycare centers with all facilities for all registered migrant workers


Gift Vouchers for the migrant workers


Distribution of Gift vouchers for the migrant workers those who have been registered with SLBFE more than 5 times.


Distribute School equipment


The SLBFE Provide School equipment to children of migrant workers those who faced financial difficulties and those who shows special skills in education, sports, and other activities.


Welfare assistance for the needy migrant workers


The Bureau pays compensation on humanitarian ground to migrant workers those who are not entitled to claim under the Insurance scheme such as critical illness, death, disability, and etc.

When a such need arises that  claim  request made by a migrant worker or his /her family member should furnished the following document along with self-explanatory request

a) Medical Reports

b) Revenue report

c) Grama Niladhari certificate with AGA’s recommendation

For further information , Pl. Contact-011 236 5471