Licensed Recruitment Agencies in Sri Lanka

As part of its mandate, the SLBFE implements a stringent licensing system for those who have fulfilled the requirement as per the provisions of the SLBFE Act to ensure fair and ethical practices in the recruitment and placement of workers abroad. A License is valid for a period of one year and renewable.


The primary objective of licensing recruitment agencies by the SLBFE is to safeguard the interests of Sri Lankan migrant workers. By imposing strict regulations and licensing requirements, the SLBFE aims to ensure that recruitment agencies comply with ethical standards, adhere to legal frameworks, and protect the rights and well-being of workers throughout the migration process.


Recruitment agencies should fulfill a range of stringent criteria in order to obtain a license from the SLBFE. These requirements are in general include:


  • Compliance with Legal Frameworks: Recruitment agencies must operate in accordance with local labor laws, immigration regulations, and any other relevant legislation pertaining to overseas employment.


  • Financial Stability: Agencies must demonstrate financial stability and provide evidence of their ability to meet financial obligations related to recruitment, including insurance coverage for workers.


  • Infrastructure and Resources: Agencies must have adequate infrastructure, facilities, and resources to carry out recruitment processes efficiently and effectively. This includes maintaining proper office space, communication systems, and trained staff.


  • Ethical Practices: The SLBFE expects agencies to adhere to a code of ethics, promoting fair and transparent recruitment practices, non-discrimination, respect for workers’ rights, and zero tolerance for exploitation or human trafficking.

This licensing system not only safeguards the interests of workers but also strengthens the country’s reputation, ensuring fair and ethical recruitment practices for a sustainable overseas employment sector.


Licensing recruitment agencies by the SLBFE yields several benefits for all stakeholders involved:


  • Protection for Workers: Licensing ensures that workers are recruited through legitimate channels, reducing the risk of fraudulent practices and exploitation. Licensed agencies are held accountable for their actions, promoting fair employment terms and conditions for workers.


  • Quality Assurance: The licensing process allows the SLBFE to assess and monitor the performance and credibility of recruitment agencies. This ensures that only competent and reliable agencies operate in the industry, maintaining a high standard of service.


  • Strengthening Sri Lanka’s Reputation: A robust licensing system enhances Sri Lanka’s reputation as a responsible labor-sending country. It builds trust among destination countries and employers, encouraging more opportunities for Sri Lankan workers abroad.