Administration & Finance


The Administration & Human Resources Division of the SLBFE provides support services to facilitate the overall operations of SLBFE and ensures efficient coordination between different departments. The Administration Division works closely with other divisions and departments within SLBFE to ensure effective coordination and collaboration. They provide support services to other divisions, facilitate inter-departmental communication, and contribute to strategic decision-making. In addition they handle administrative tasks such as maintaining records, managing correspondence, organizing meetings, and handling official communications. They also oversee facilities management, including maintenance of office premises, equipment, and supplies. The Procurement unit is responsible for procuring goods, services, and works required by SLBFE. They follow a transparent procurement process, including issuing tenders, evaluating bids, and awarding contracts. The unit ensures that SLBFE obtains quality goods and services at competitive prices. The Information Technology (IT) unit takes care of the technological infrastructure and digital systems of SLBFE. They manage the organization’s computer networks, software applications, databases, and website. The IT unit also assists in the development and implementation of IT policies and provides technical support to the staff.


The Human Resources unit of the Administration Division handles matters related to personnel management. This includes recruitment, selection, training, performance evaluation, promotions, employee relations, and welfare activities. They ensure that SLBFE has a competent workforce and maintain a healthy work environment.


Finance Division is responsible for managing the financial operations of SLBFE. This involves budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, and the disbursement of funds for various projects and activities while ensuring financial transparency, accountability and adherence to financial regulations and policies. They work closely with other divisions and departments to determine funding requirements for various activities, projects, and programs. The division analyzes past financial data, forecasts future needs, and allocates resources accordingly.


The Finance Division manages the accounting system of SLBFE. They maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. They ensure adherence to accounting principles and standards, and prepare financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of SLBFE’s financial position and performance. They monitor cash flow, oversee bank accounts, and ensure proper utilization of funds. This includes managing revenue from various sources, such as registration fees, fines, and levies. The division also develops investment strategies and guidelines to maximize returns on surplus funds, while maintaining the necessary liquidity.

The Finance Division actively seeks ways to improve financial processes and systems. They explore the use of technology to streamline financial operations, such as implementing financial management software, enhancing reporting capabilities, and embracing digital payment methods. Continuous improvement efforts contribute to greater efficiency and accuracy in financial management.