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Renewing a Foreign Employment Agency License

As your agency license expiration date approaches, we would like to provide you with guidance on the renewal process to ensure the seamless continuation of your operations. Please adhere to the following instructions for the renewal of your Foreign Employment Agency License with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE).

Licence Renewal Process:

  1. Submission of Renewal Application:
    1. Complete the application form available on the SLBFE website.
    2. Ensure submission 30 days before the license expiration date.
  2. Evaluation by SLBFE:
    1. The SLBFE will assess your agency’s performance over the past consecutive year.
    2. Conduct inspections of your office, equipment, and records.
    3. Extend the bank guarantee and grant approval for license renewal.
  3. Relocation Approval (if applicable):
    1. If shifting to a new location, obtain approval from the License Division.
    2. Submit the following documents:
  1. Location of the new office.
  2. Proof of legal occupancy.
  • Revised business registration certificate.
  1. Certified floor plan of the new premises. ( floor area 1000 square feet or more)
  1. Renewal Fee:
    1. Pay the renewal fee of Rupees One hundred thousand (Rs.100,000 + SSCL + VAT).
  2. Internal Reports and Documentation:
    1. Call internal reports, including Conciliation, Investigation, Legal, Human Trafficking, and Finance ( cess report ).
    2. Provide BRC, Lease Agreement or Deed, and Floor Plan of the Business premises.
    3. Submit a bank guarantee valued at Rs. 5,000,000.00.
    4. Obtain confirmation of the bank guarantee.
    5. Make sure to submit the ABCD reports
    6. Update the remittances
    7. Settlement of  cess payments
    8. As a performance requirement, need to recruit 60 people or more annually.
  3. Site Visits and Inspection:
    1. Schedule and conduct site visits.
    2. Inspect the business premises.
    3. Conduct a renewal interview.
  4. Approval Process:
    1. Sign the agreement.
    2. Approval process through Manager -> DGM -> AGM -> GM -> Chairman.
  5. License Issuance:
    1. After approval, the license renewal will be issued.

Updated on 29.01.2024



Opening up a Branch offices

Opening Branch Offices:

 Guidelines for Branch Office Establishment:

 Application Process:

    1. Obtain the relevant application form from the SLBFE website.
    2. Submit a duly filled form with required documents.
  1. Charges for Opening Branch Office:
    1. Application charge is 50% of the prevailing License fee per annum.
    2. License renewal fee for a branch is 75% of the prevailing License renewal fee per annum.
  2. Bank Guarantee:
    1. Increase the value of the existing Bank Guarantee by Rs. 500,000/- for each branch after the first year.

General Instructions:

  1. Name Board:
    1. Display a name board in front of the Branch Office premises.
    2. Include agency name in Sinhala, Tamil, and English.
    3. Display License Number and Main Office details on the name board.
  2. Branch Office Premises:
    1. Locate in an area with easy access to public transport.
    2. Ensure an inner office area exceeding 300 sqft.
  3. Office Equipment:
    1. Equip the branch with necessary items, including a telephone line, photocopiers, and a computer with internet access.
  4. Deed/Leased Agreement:
    1. Register the Deed/Leased Agreement with the Land Registry.
    2. Ensure compliance with Commercial Certificate details.
  5. Floor Plan:
    1. Include the branch name, business address, and total area in the authorized floor plan.
  6. Record Keeping:
    1. Maintain records as per the given format (Annex i).
  7. Inspections:
    1. Expect initial, annual, and random inspections by SLBFE officials.
  8. Identity Cards:
    1. Recommend nominated employees for SLBFE Identity cards.

Updated on 29.01.2024

Training Programmers for New Licensees and the staff members of all Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies

The SLBFE has introduced a Training programme for the Licensees and the staff members of Licensed Foreign Employment Agents (LFEAs) to enhance the quality & productivity of the services provided by them to Sri Lankan migrant employees.


  • Certificate Course on General Management & Labor Migration


Duration & Time          –  03 months during Sundays from 9.00a.m. to 4.30p.m.

Mode                              –  Physical Lectures in Sinhala, Tamil & English

Course Fee                    –  Rs.65,000.00 (with refreshments)

Venue                             – National Institute of Labor Studies (NILS), Labor Secretariat, Colombo 05