Complaint Management

Complaint Management of SLBFE plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare and satisfaction of Sri Lankan migrant workers and aims to empower migrant workers to assert their rights and seek assistance when needed. The SLBFE has established a specialized complaint handling units to address grievances and provide timely and appropriate solutions. Trained staff members within the unit handle complaint intake, documentation, investigation, and resolution. These officers have the necessary expertise and understanding of relevant laws and regulations.


Conciliation Division of the SLBFE, Labour Sections of the Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions in the respective countries accepts complaints receive from or on behalf of the migrant workers. A registered migrant worker or a person who acts on his / her behalf could lodge a complaint at the SLBFE’s Head Office, a Local Branch Office or the Labour Section of the Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission in the respective country. This includes in-person complaint submission at SLBFE offices, dedicated complaint hotlines, email communication, and an online complaint submission portal. By offering various channels, the SLBFE ensures accessibility and convenience for complainants.


The SLBFE operates a web-based Complaint Management System (CMS) to enhance the efficiency of resolving those complaints by the SLBFE’s authorized officers attached to the Conciliation Division /Units or Labour Sections in Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions Overseas, relevant Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies & Foreign Agencies. The relevant parties are facilitated to communicate through and record information in the CMS.


The SLBFE places significant emphasis on timely complaint resolution. The Complaint Handling Unit strives to address complaints promptly, considering the complexity of each case. They communicate regularly with the complainant, providing updates on the progress and expected resolution timeframe. Urgent or high-priority complaints are expedited to minimize any further harm or inconvenience to the complainant. The SLBFE maintains close collaboration and coordination with relevant stakeholders to address complaints effectively. This may involve liaising with recruitment agencies, embassies, foreign employers, or other government agencies, depending on the nature of the complaint. The SLBFE ensures that all parties involved are engaged in the resolution process. Once a complaint is substantiated, the SLBFE takes appropriate remedial actions to resolve the issue. This may include providing financial compensation, legal support, medical assistance, repatriation arrangements, or facilitating communication with the employer or relevant authorities. The SLBFE ensures that the complainant receives the necessary support throughout the resolution process.

Special Note:

If The Employee Is Not Register In The SLBFE You Not Entitle To Submit Complaint/ Request At The SLBFE. But The Complainant Could Be Submitted To The Consular Division Of The Sri Lanka Ministry Foreign Affairs.