Japan Language N5/N4 (Male/Female)

Working in Japan can be a rewarding and enriching experience, and the necessity of Japanese language proficiency to work in Japan is evident. The ability to speak, read, and understands Japanese is necessary for individuals seeking employment in Japan. Japanese is the primary language spoken in the workplace and daily life in Japan. By being proficient in Japanese, you can effectively communicate with colleagues, superiors, clients, and customers. This enables clear understanding, smoother collaboration, and fosters positive relationships. Proficiency in Japanese allows you to navigate cultural nuances, customs, and etiquette in the workplace, which is highly valued by Japanese employers. It demonstrates respect, adaptability, and a willingness to integrate into the local culture. Fluency in Japanese significantly expands your job prospects in Japan. Many industries, such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and hospitality, require Japanese language skills as a prerequisite for employment. Having a strong command of Japanese can give you a competitive edge over other candidates and open doors to a broader range of job opportunities.


N5-300 hours / N4-300 hours

Course Level

NVQ iv / v Certificate

Course Fee

LKR 12,000 (N4) & LKR 12,000 (N5)

Age Limit
  • Between 18 and 45
  • Should passéd O/L exam
  • Just showing to the A/L exam is enough
  • Height should be above 150cm
  • There should be no color blindness
  • There should be no tattoos
  • Should posses good personality and be in good health
  • The visa for studying in japan must not have been canceled
Documents Needed
  • Valid passport
  • National Identity card
  • O/L,A/L results sheets
  • Birth certificate