Smart Board from SLBFE to the Schools in Anuradhapura District

“Let’s win Sri Lanka” organized by the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, Anuradhapura District People’s Mobile Service, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment has offered the most modern Smart Boards required for the classroom to 22 schools in the district.

This Smart Board was presented by the Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara, for this Bureau of Foreign Employment spent Rs. 12,977,404.00.

Schools where the children of migrant  workers study  were selected by the Divisional  Secretariat in the relevant areas. Accordingly, the Smart Board was offered for 22 schools, and the relevant symbolic checks were accepted by the principals of those colleges.

Mr. R. P. A. Wimalaweera, Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Employment, Mr. A. M. Hilme, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau also joined this event.