Message of the Hon. Minister

Message from the Hon. Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment

It is my target to direct the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment under my Ministry to make Sri Lanka the best country in the world in providing skilled manpower for the international labour market. It is important to note that the emigrant community in Sri Lanka places a prominent role in attracting exchange induction to the country's economy and we will take every possible step for them in the government level. Also, we are taking steps to regulate the licensed foreign employment agents who bring foreign jobs to Sri Lanka and appreciate their service and work with professionalism. We have been able to maintain an understanding relationship in a diplomatic level with foreign countries that recruit workforce. As a result, huge job openings do happen in the international to Sri Lanka. Annually, the number of people leaving for foreign employments has gradually increased and the income from remittances to the country is increasing day by day. We have been able to mark 2022 as the year, which abled send largest number of workers to abroad for employments, throughout the history. A lot of welfare programs are being implemented for the dependents of the migrant community and it is also a success for us to bring about a change in the society to raise their living standards and create dignity. I appreciate the immense support received from the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau in the mission of making the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment as the Ministry that provide humble and efficient service to the people. As a country, we all express our gratitude for the contribution of the foreign employment sector in building the economy that under crisis.

Hon. Manusha Nanayakkara , Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment

Message from the Hon. State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion

To get rid of the foreign exchange crisis that our country is currently facing, one of the main ways of bringing in foreign exchange is the foreign remittances that the country receives through legal means from foreign workers. Development of foreign employment and progress in the field of foreign employment The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment is implementing a large number of programs together with the Ministry. In addition, awareness, self-employment and reintegration programs are implemented for the safety and welfare of migrant workers and their family members and migrants who have returned to the country after completing their foreign employment. Among these programs, provision of school equipment for children of working families, provision of scholarships for school and university education, referral programs for professional training opportunities are operational and these programs are carried to the ground level and at the district and regional secretariat levels, The Development Officers (Foreign Employment) are attached to the secretariats work together with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment . To carry out these programs implemented for migrant workers at a more efficient and effective level and to get the necessary support and ideas at the provincial level in order to succeed in the future of the foreign employment sector, arrangements are being made to hold performance review meetings for the development officers on foreign employment at the provincial level under my leadership.

Hon. Jagath Pushpakumara , State Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion

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#Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, 6th Floor, Mehewara Piyasa, Narahenpita, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.