Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) plays a pivotal role in regulating and facilitating the process of foreign employment for Sri Lankan employees. Established in 1985 under the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Act, presently operates under the purview of the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment, and its functions are carried out through an island wide network and as well as the global network in 13 countries.


The SLBFE through its regulatory functions, welfare services, and reintegration initiatives, strives to ensure the protection, well-being, and empowerment of Sri Lankan migrant workers, contributing to the sustainable development of the country’s labor migration sector. SLBFE collaborates closely with international organizations, foreign governments & other stakeholders to foster bilateral agreements, promote ethical recruitment practices, and enhance the overall welfare and protection of Sri Lankan migrant workers.


Make Sri Lanka the best choice for competent human resources in the overseas market.


Create efficient and equitable pathways for people to benefit from their skills in overseas employment markets securing interests of all stakeholders while contributing to economic growth.


  • Regulate and facilitate the industry of foreign employment
  • Secure welfare and protection of Sri Lankans employed outside Sri Lanka and their left behind family members
  • Promote and develop employment opportunities for Sri Lankans outside Sri Lanka

Quality Policy

“The SLBFE is dedicated to upholding ethical standards and ensuring the welfare of Sri Lankan migrant workers.
Through transparent practices, compliance with regulations,
and continuous improvement,
we strive to provide exceptional services
and promote safe and fair migration practices
for the well-being and prosperity of all stakeholders”