Foreign Employment Industry Promotion

The foreign employment industry has a significant impact on Sri Lanka’s economy, contributing to foreign exchange earnings and reducing unemployment rates. SLBFE’s efforts in promoting overseas employment have led to a substantial increase in remittances, which contribute to the country’s foreign reserves and stimulate economic growth. SLBFE sets standards and guidelines for recruitment agencies, ensuring transparency, fairness, and adherence to international labor standards. SLBFE conducts regular inspections and audits of employment agencies to curb malpractices and protect the rights of migrant workers. By enforcing ethical recruitment, SLBFE contributes to building a positive image of Sri Lankan workers and enhances their employability in international markets.

SLBFE implements various programmers locally and internationally to promote foreign employment of Sri Lankans. Local promotional programmers provide career guidance for job seekers. Mobile Services, Job Fairs and Awareness Programmers etc., are conducted with the coordination of SLBFE Regional Centers, Government  & Non-Government Organizations and the Labor Sections in Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions Overseas.


Online Job Bank of the SLBFE facilitates the job seekers to register and find foreign Employment opportunities. Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies and Employers are also facilitated to find suitable applicants for the vacancies available with them.


SLBFE creates advertising campaigns through various media channels such as print, television, radio, and digital platforms to reach a wide audience on its way forward in the foreign employment industry promotion. SLBFE maintains positive relationships with media outlets, government agencies, foreign missions, and other relevant organizations and disseminates information through press releases, interviews, and public awareness campaigns to build trust and credibility.