Law Enforcement

The law enforcement efforts of the SLBFE play a vital role in ensuring the protection and welfare of Sri Lankan migrant workers. Through licensing, monitoring, investigations, and legal prosecution, the SLBFE upholds ethical standards, combats labor rights violations, and holds accountable those who exploit or engage in illegal practices within the overseas employment sector. By enforcing laws and promoting awareness, the SLBFE contributes to the overall integrity and sustainability of foreign employment, fostering a safe and fair environment for Sri Lankan workers seeking opportunities abroad.


Legal Division, Special Investigation Division and the Human Trafficking Unit of the SLBFE are in operations for the process of Law Enforcement.


SLBFE takes all possible efforts to eliminate the illegal activities, malpractices, trafficking in persons and also to promote good practices by the stakeholders in the industry of foreign employment in Sri Lanka. In this context, the SLBFE implements various law enforcement mechanisms to protect the rights and interests of the job seekers, migrant employees, their family members and other aggrieved parties. The SLBFE conduct inquiries into public complaints received on illegal recruitment activities carried out by the Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies and other unlicensed parties. Raids are conducted to take the suspects into custody and legal actions are taken against those who violate the law, after conducting proper investigations.