Registration of Migrant Workers

As per the provisions of the SLBFE Act, every Sri Lankan who leaves for employment outside Sri Lanka should register with the SLBFE prior to such departure. In this respect, the SLBFE requires migrant workers to register with their database before embarking on overseas employment. The registration process with the SLBFE serves as a vital mechanism for the protection, well-being and accountability of migrant workers. It facilitates the provision of support services, ensures adherence to ethical standards, and enables effective monitoring of workers’ conditions abroad. The registration with the SLBFE ensures that Sri Lankans are employed overseas with a valid employment contract which safe guards their rights and interests in host countries.


All the registered migrant workers are eligible for an insurance cover provided by the SLBFE free of charge and it is valid during their contract period.


The SLBFE’s registration is valid for a period of two years or three years as per the relevant employment contract. The employees are facilitated to renew their registration through the SLBFE’s Head Office, Branch Offices and Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions Overseas.


Key Registration Requirements:


  • Valid Documentation: Workers must possess valid identification documents, such as a passport and any other relevant identification papers required for travel and employment purposes.
  • Verification of Employment Contract: Workers need to provide copies of their employment contracts, which should meet the legal and ethical standards set by the SLBFE. This ensures that workers are aware of their rights, terms, and conditions of employment.
  • Medical Screening: Migrant workers are often required to undergo medical screening to assess their fitness for overseas employment. This helps safeguard their health and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


Benefits of Registration:


  • Protection of Workers’ Rights: Registration ensures that workers’ rights are protected and upheld throughout the entire migration process. The SLBFE can intervene and provide assistance to registered workers in case of any issues or violations faced abroad.
  • Access to Support Services: Registered workers gain access to a range of support services provided by the SLBFE, such as pre-departure orientation programs, counseling, legal assistance, and welfare services. These services contribute to their well-being and help address any challenges they may encounter while working overseas.
  • Data Management and Planning: Registration enables the SLBFE to maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of migrant workers. This data plays a crucial role in formulating policies, planning interventions, and addressing the specific needs of migrant workers, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Monitoring and Accountability: By having a comprehensive registry of registered workers, the SLBFE can effectively monitor their migration status, track their employment conditions, and hold accountable any recruitment agencies or employers involved in fraudulent practices or mistreatment.