Orientation for other than Domestic Housekeeping (male/female)

Non-domestic sector employees are individuals who work in various industries and sectors outside of private households. Unlike domestic workers who primarily focus on household-related tasks, non-domestic sector employees are involved in diverse roles and responsibilities, making significant contributions to their respective fields. They play a key role in the economy, contributing to the growth and development of businesses, organizations, and public institutions. Their roles span a wide range of functions, including customer service, administration, management, sales, production, research and development, logistics, and more. They can be found in sectors such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, finance, technology, education, manufacturing, transportation, and many others. For both male and female non-domestic expatriates who are going abroad for the first time.


02 Days Programme

Course Level


Course Fee

LKR 1,846/=

Age Limit
  • Over 18 years
  • Ability to write & understand the mother language
  • Should posses good personality & be in good health
Documents Needed
  • Valid Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Medical Report ( If over 45 years of age)
  • If migration is through a Local Agency, then instead of the passport , He /she should produce
  • Agency certified copy of the passport.
  • Agency certified letter, bearing the migrant’s photograph & his or her details, Approved Job order Number
Contents of the course
  • Arabic Law & Culture.
  • Language Skills ( Arabic & English).
  • Personal Health
  • Occupational Safety.
  • Vocational Skills (House keeping & Cleaning).
  • Personality, Self Management, Behavior.
  • Banking & Finance Management
  • Family Responsibility