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புகார் முகாமைத்துவ முறைமை

A system to receive grievances and complaints from migrant workers in respect of foreign employment and to find settlements for them.

Local Services

The SLBFE receives complaints and grievances of migrant workers while they are employed abroad and take necessary steps to settle them with the assistance of the respective local recruitment agents and the Sri Lanka Embassies abroad.


Overseas Services

The SLBFE maintains close relationship with the Sri Lanka Embassies abroad through the online computer network and the direct communication with Embassy staff to find early settlements for foreign employment disputes. Migrant workers can directly visit the Embassies and lodge their complaints for settlements.



Conciliation Division

Receives complaints of migrant workers those who have got registered with the SLBFE and left for employment. Conducts inquires with the concerned parties and finds settlements.


Details should be submitted when complaint is made

·         Employee’s Passport No

·         Employee’s NIC No


Request or complaints should be made under the following Situation


·         Violation or Breach of terms & conditions of employment Contract substitution by Local agency (Not receipt of wages, Harassment, lack of communication ect……. )

·         Violation of theBreach of terms & conditions of employment Contract by Employer

·         Other problems


Places of the submit to complaint /request

·         Head office of the Sri Lanka Bureau of foreign employment

·         All Regional office & all District Office (Closed to your town)


Special Note:


If the employee is not register in the SLBFE you not entitle to submit complaint/ Request at the SLBFE. But the complainant could be submitted to the Consular Division of the Sri Lanka Ministry Foreign Affairs.