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Mandatory Registration for Sri Lankans Leaving for Employment Abroad

The section 51 of the SLBFE's Act No. 21 of 1985 as amended by Act No. 4 of 1994 requires all Sri Lankans leaving for employment outside Sri Lanka to pay the following fee for the registration with the SLBFE prior to their departure.

Registration fees:LKR 15,200+VAT 15%+NBT 2%

Above registration is valid only for a period of two years with the same employer. If any Sri Lankan wishes to extend his/her employment beyond the original period of contract he/she is requested to renew the registration prior to expiration of the existing registration by paying the following renewal fee.

LKR 3,200 + Vat 15% + NBT 2%

The fees so collected are used for the benefit of Sri Lankans employed abroad and their left behind family members through various welfare programmes locally and overseas. (i.e. maintenance of safe houses for destitute female workers, repatriation of destitute workers, insurance coverage, legal assistance for needy workers etc.)


Hence, all Sri Lankans leaving abroad for employment are requested to pay registration fees as stated above as responsible and law abiding citizens.