04 Job Opportunities

Approval Before Departure

If you are a licensed foreign employment agent, who has already obtained the necessary approvals and have found a prospective migrant worker you must first consider;

Whether the particular person has a passport which is valid at least for a period of two years from the intended date of departure

Whether he or she has obtained the necessary training provided by the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE)

If the prospective migrant worker is eligible, you can then apply for the final approval from the SLBFE by submitting the following documents:

1.  Original passport of the prospective migrant worker

2.  Employment visa valid for the specified country and employment

3.  Employment agreement signed between you and the prospective migrant worker

4.  Completed “H” Form

5.  Necessary training certificate

6.  A copy of the relevant “First Approval”

7.  Bank receipts of the registration fee payment

8.  Family Background Report (should be forwarded below 45 age women)

You must also remember to;

Produce the original of the First Approval relevant to the job while submitting the documents for the final approval

If you are recruiting a house maid to a Middle Eastern country, your job agreement must contain the following signatures and rubber stamps

Foreign Agent’s       


Embassy Official’s

Local Agent

Migrant Worker

When you have submitted all these necessary documents and have followed all necessary formalities, the SLBFE would then issue the “final approval”.

A valid stamp would then be endorsed on the passport of the prospective migrant worker.