Job Categories


Approved Occupations for Technical Intern Training (II)
(71 types of occupations, 130 selective works)

1.Agriculture (2 types of occupation, 6 selective works)

Type of occupation Selective work
Cultivation agriculture* Facility horticulture
Upland field cropping/Vegetable growing
Fruit growing
Livestock agriculture* Hog raising
Poultry farming (collecting chicken eggs)

2. Fishery ( 2 type of occupation, 9 selective works)

Fishing boat fisheries* Skipjack pole and line fishery
Tuna long-line fishery
Squid jigging
Purse seine fishery
Trawl fishery
Drift net fishery
Set net fishery
Crab and shrimp basket fishery
Aquaculture Scallop and oyster farming

3. Construction (21 types of occupation, 31 selective works)

Well drilling Percussion type well drilling operation
Rotary type well drilling operation
Building sheet metal work Duct sheet metal operation
Freezing and air conditioning apparatus installing Freezing and air harmonizing equipment installation work
Fixture making Hand processing work of wooden fixture
Carpentry Carpentry construction work
Frame working Framing construction work
Reinforcing bar construction Assembling reinforced rod bar work
Scaffolding Scaffolding building work
Building stone constructing Stone processing work
Work of putting out stones
Tiling Tiling work
Tile roofing Tile-roofing work
Plastering Plasterers work
Plumbing Construction piping work
Plant piping work
Heat insulation Heat-retention and cool-retention construction work
Interior finishing Plastic-material floor finishing construction work
Carpeting floor finishing construction work
Metal-made foundation construction work
Board finishing construction work
Curtain installation work
Sash setting Building sash installation work
Water proofing Sealing water-proof construction work
Concrete pressure feeding Concrete pressure transfer construction work
Well point construction Well-point construction work
Paper hanging Painting work
Application of construction equipment* Dozing work
Loading work
Excavating work
Road rolling work

4. Food Manufacturing (9 types of occupation, 14 selective works)

Can seaming for canned foods* Can seaming for canned foods
Poultry processing industry* Poultry processing
Heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work* Extract manufacturing
Heated dried product manufacturing
Flavored product manufacturing
Smoked product manufacturing
Non-heated fishery processed foodstuff manufacturing work* Salted product manufacturing
Dried product manufacturing
Fermented foodstuff manufacturing
Fish paste making Boiled fish paste producing work
Beef and pork processing industry* Primal cut of beef and pork processing
Ham, sausage and bacon making Production work of ham, sausage and bacon
Bread baking Bread baking work
Ready-made meal manufacturing work* Ready-made meal processing

5. Textile (12 types of occupation, 21 selective works)

Type of occupation Selective work
Spinning operation* Pre-spinning work
Spinning process
Winding process
Twisting and doubling work
Weaving operation* Sizing and warping work
Weaving process
Inspecting work
Dyeing Thread permeation dyeing work
Fabric and knit dyeing
Knit goods manufacturing Socks producing work
Round knitting producing work
Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing* Warp knitting producing work
Ladies' and children's dress making Sewing work of ready-made clothes for ladies and children
Tailoring men's suit making Sewing work of men's ready-made clothes
Underwear manufacturing* Underwear manufacturing operation
Bedclothes making Bedding products work
Carpet manufacturing* Woven carpet producing work
Tufted carpet producing work
Needle punched carpet producing work
Canvas product making Canvas cloth products related work
Cloth sewing Dress-shirt producing work

6, Machinery & Metal (15 types of occupation, 27 selective works)

Casting Casting iron and article operation
Casting nonferrous metal and article operation
Forging Hammer type forging operation
Press type forging operation
Die casting Hot chamber die-cast work
Cold chamber die-cast work
Machining Lathe operation
Milling machine operation
Metal press Metal press operation
Iron work Steel processing operation for structure
Factory sheet metal work Machine sheet metal operation
Electroplating Electric plating work
Meltdown zinc plating work
Aluminum anodizing Anode oxidation treatment work
Finishing Melting equipment finishing work
Metal mold finishing work
Machine assembling finishing work
Machine inspection Machine inspection work
Machine maintenance Machine maintenance work
Electronic equipment assembling Electronic device assembling work
Electric equipment assembling Spinning electric machine assembling work
Transformer assembling work
Control panel and distribution panel assembling work
Open-close control device assembling work
Spinning electric cord-reel producing work
Print wiring board manufacturing Print distribution panel design
Print distribution panel production

7. Others (10 types of occupation, 22 selective works)

Furniture making Hand processing on furniture making
Printing Off-set printing work
Book binding Binding work
Plastic molding Compressing forming work
Injection forming work
Inflation forming work
Blow forming work
Reinforced plastic molding Hand-loaded layer forming work
Painting Construction painting work
Metal painting work
Metal bridge painting work
Spray painting work
Welding* Manual welding
Semi-automatic welding
Industrial packaging Industrial wrapping work
Carton box and corrugated card board box making Printing box punching work
Printing box producing work
Paste box producing work
Cardboard producing work
Industrial manufacturing of pottery* Roller jigger forming work
Pressure casting work
Pad printing work

NOTE: * : Skill evaluation system approved by MHLW :  previously approved by JITCO.
               Other occupations are based on National Trade Skill Test